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Simulating iDPC tomography for Ceria Nanoparticles 

Winner of MMC 2023 EMAG Poster Competition - Best Student Poster

 Tilt Series - Gifs of full data set

Simulated HAADF tilt series

Simulated iDPC tilt series

Producing HAADF and iDPC Tilt Series in abTEM

The tilt series for both iDPC and HAADF were taken from -75 to +75 degrees, producing 151 images, from abTEM PRISM simulations of a 3nm truncated octahedron Ceria model, at interpolation 2.

Viewing the gifs, you can observe how the cerium atoms as clearly shown in both, whilst the oxygen atoms are only clear throughout all angles in the iDPC tilt series.

Reconstruction Slices - Gifs of full data set

Simulated HAADF slices in Reconstruction

Simulated iDPC slices in Reconstruction

Producing Tomography Reconstruction and Slices with ASTRA Toolbox.

The reconstruction was created with ASTRA toolbox. First by taking a 3D NumPy Array with the whole tilt series in, and then processing it through the 3D SIRT algorithm with ASTRA Toolbox.

Viewing the gifs, initially it goes through the vacuum. After, you can observe how the HAADF slices go dark when the iDPC slices show the oxygen layers, whilst both are bright showing cerium layers, indicating a visually distinguishable increase in grey value for low atomic number elements with iDPC tomography.

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